Hiring an Event Planner for Your Next Company Event to Kigali, Rwanda VS DIY

September 8, 2021

By Mahider Tadesse

Event planning is a very time-consuming task that requires intricate planning, especially if you are planning your event in a foreign country. How do you decide when to hire an event planner in Kigali or go through the DIY route? You might be a well-organized person who could pull it off but there are several things you need to consider before you start planning your international event on your own.


Kigali Language & Culture

Understanding the local language of Rwanda is an important factor to plan a successful event in Kigali. Even though English and French are both official languages of Rwanda, locals usually use Kinyarwanda to communicate. Hiring an event planner in Kigali will make your communication with different stakeholders on the ground easier. 

As culture varies everywhere, business culture is the same way. An event planner in Kigali can help you understand what is culturally accepted in Rwanda. Do local vendors deliver service and products on time or do you need to plan a buffer time in case of delays? Misunderstanding the local business practice can have an impact on your event.   


Size of Event

No matter how big or small, your event in Kigali needs proper planning that meets your objectives and goals. While an event planner in Kigali can ensure your event runs smoothly, sometimes it’s best to plan smaller events on your own since it might be easier to do it yourself. 

If you’re planning a medium-sized event or big event, an event planner in Kigali can help you iron out each detail and help you execute your event smoothly. An experienced international event planner on the ground will have great knowledge on the logistics of planning a big event in Kigali.



If you partner with the right type of event planner in Kigali, you will benefit from the experience of a local planner. This includes a good working relationship with venues and suppliers, so you can get discounts only extended to bulk buyers. A professional event planner will also help you cut costs where appropriate, so it is likely you save unnecessary expenses. 

You need to pick the international event planning company you will work with carefully. Sometimes you might end up paying more than you should when planning an event through an event planner. 

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Boots on the Ground

Local presence is an important factor for a successful event. If you aren’t based in Kigali it is very likely that you will face communication problems. Sometimes venues and suppliers might not respond to your emails on time. You might also have a significant time difference making your communication with different stakeholders extremely difficult.  

A professional event planner in Kigali will help you handle all the logistics on the ground and save you the stress. Most event planning companies will also be able to work with you around the clock despite the time difference and get you the response you need on time.  


Local Partners

Are you partnering with the government of Rwanda, a local association, or organization? It helps your event have a bigger impact locally if you have a local partner. Even if having a local partner is great for your event, it can be a double-edged sword. 

You might need to depend on a government agency, local association, or organization that is partnering with you to plan some aspects of your event. Your local partner might take weeks and sometimes months to give you a response on certain aspects of the event due to the bureaucratic process. A seasoned event planner in Kigali will know the ins and outs of the process and will be able to guide you through the process.



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