Kigali, RW

One of the Friendliest Cities in Africa

Muraho! Welcome to Kigali, aptly named of the friendliest capital cities in Africa. For many, one of the first things they may think about is the dark past of Kigali and Rwanda, which is evident in its many church memorials and historical teachings. It’s important to remember the events of 1994, but it is also important to see the incredible uplifting spirit and forward momentum of the culture and people of Kigali. 

Today there is a thriving art scene in Kigali. The first art gallery Ivuka Arts opened in 2007, and the scene has exploded since. Today there are almost 10 galleries in the city that all your attendees can visit. One favorite is the Niyo Art Gallery — where artists who exhibit agree to donate a portion of their funds to the Niyo Cultural Center, where youth in the city can learn to play instruments, dance, and sing. If your attendees are looking to buy some artwork on the trip, the Kigali Marriott in the city center has a boutique specializing in local artwork.

Interested in a game of cricket? The locals of Kigali are! The city’s beautiful Gahanga Cricket Stadium boasts curved buildings and exceptional craftsmanship, a perfect place to spend the afternoon enjoying a game. The former grounds were the former scene of one of 1994’s worst massacres, the construction of the new stadium became incredibly healing and moving for the city and country as a whole.

Thanks to Kigali’s ban on plastic bags, the city and its surroundings is known as one of Africa’s cleanest cities. From historic buildings to modern structures, Kigali’s city-scape is one that many of your attendees will enjoy. Keeping with the green theme, many of Kigali’s well known cafes encourage reusable cups. But if you don’t have one, all of the cups they provide are compostable. And if you do stop at the cafes, make sure to pick up a spice oat gooseberry cookie — a legendary locally made pastry!

The people of Kigali are eager to welcome visitors and share their culture, food, and art — making it a wonderful place for your attendees to explore during your event. They may even bring home a one-of-a-kind piece of art they’ll be sharing at dinner parties for years to come!

Looking to host your next conference or event in Kigali?

Chat with our local expert, Mark Karimira-Karegyesa!

Mark Karamira-Karegyesa, Hallpax

Mark is a young, Malaysian-trained entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in education, real estate, farming, agro-processing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), passenger transportation, and now hospitality. He is passionate about transformation and impact. He is driven by the philosophy of “innovate or die” – believing there is always a better, more efficient way to deliver solutions to those who need them.

Mark possesses a rich and diverse network of professionals domestically, in the region, and around the globe. He is a gold-club member of BNI, the largest marketing organization in the world with members in over 70 countries, and an Oakseed and alumnus of the Institute for National Transformation. He’s also a member of the thinktank, Centre for Advanced Strategic Leadership (CASTLE), among other professional and personal associations.


  • Kigali International Airport

Main Airlines Flying into Kigali, RW

  • RwandAir
  • KLM
  • Qatar
  • Emirates 
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Kenyan Airlines
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