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The Wise Elephant

Experience Africa. We are an all-inclusive destination management company. We help you pick a meaningful destination, with the right venue, and provide all the logistics you need to execute your event flawlessly.


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We see the character and identity of every destination. Your event is unique, which one of our destinations fits it best? Our experience and presence in Africa puts us in the perfect place to help you find your ideal destination.

You're not just choosing an event location, but an experience. We help you find the travel destination of a lifetime.

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Just the Right Venue

We find your ideal destination and select your venue from a wide range of international brand hotels, local hotels, convention centers, and unique locations.

Our team has built relationships with the best venues in every city we work in.

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Only the Best

Recruit through us. We make finding an experienced and commited staff at your destination easy. Whether you need a sales person, interperter, master of ceremony, usher, food service team, security, porters, or other, we have the channels to find them.

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Connect with Talent

We craft an entertainment team that connects with your vision. We cultivate local talents that will take your event experience to the next level.

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Add Color and Spice

We work with local and big suppliers to provide you with the best inventory of lighting, candle holders, floral decors, and all the unique local elements you could dream of for your event.

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Local Partnership

Local Partnership

The Noble Leopard

Plan like a local. Finding the right government agency, local association, institutions, for profits, and not for profits to partner with greatly impacts your event. With our connections and experience, we find the right partners for your event.

Travel & Logistics

Travel & Logistics

The Bounteous Cape Buffalo

Travel with purpose. Whether you need to charter flights for VIPs, book flights for delegates, negotiate group accomodations, book ground transportation, or process visas, we’ve got you covered.

Event Production

Event Production

The Courageous Lion​

A holistic approach. We are a one-stop shop for all event related needs. Our event branding, printing, and exhibitions services take your African experience to the next level.

Audio Visual & Interpretation

Audio Visual & Interpretation Services

The Steady Rhinoceros

Build engaging experiences. We transform your events with lights, A/V solutions, stage productions, interpretation, and more.


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