Zanzibar, Tanzania Event and Conference Venues

April 11, 2023

by Conor Walsh & Sofeeyah Lloyd 

Organizing an international conference or event in Zanzibar, Tanzania offers a tantalizing prospect: modern venues with state-of-the-art facilities just minutes away from stunning white sand beaches, historic attractions, and fascinating cultures. Not to mention the food! 

But, if you’re thinking of hosting a conference or event here, you probably have a few questions. Like… does Zanzibar even have venues capable of hosting large conferences with hundreds of participants from all over the world? 

The answer is Yes! Zanzibar has plenty of fantastic venues for conferences big and small. 

At Hallpax, we’ve helped multiple companies and organizations plan 1000s of events across Africa for over 10 years. So, in this quick guide, we’re bringing all that experience together to help you find the right Zanzibar venue for your event. 


We’ll explore:

  • The best conference centers and venues in Stone Town
  • The best venues outside Stone Town


Planning an international event in Zanzibar (or anywhere else in Africa)? We can guide you through the whole process, from picking the right venue to getting everyone home safely after. Get in touch today to get started. 


Event and Conference Venues in Stone Town

Stone Town is the best place to host an event in Zanzibar with the most event venues in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Aside from the liveliness and charm of Zanzibar’s historic capital, a UNESCO heritage city, you’ll also be close to the airport (in case you have attendees flying in), transport facilities, government offices, business center, hotels, and much more. 

Your attendees can make the most of exploring the old city before, during, or after your event, try out local cuisine at Stone Town’s many fantastic restaurants, and use it as a gateway to Zanzibar’s best beaches. 

Zanzibar Serena Hotel
  • Location: Shangani St, Stone Town


Zanzibar Serena Hotel is a luxurious, beachfront oasis a short walk from the heart of Stone Town. Its lush gardens, mesmerizing ocean views, and elegant architecture – mixing the island’s Swahili and Arab influences with modern touches – make it perfect for hosting intimate meetings, conferences, and events that leave a lasting impression.

The Serena has a single conference center – Chaza Conference Room – with enough capacity for up to 40pax. The seating can be arranged into a cinema-style theater for presentations, a classroom, boardroom, and u-shaped meeting space. You also get access to state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, personalized catering options, and much more. 

This event venue in Zanzibar, Tanzania has 51 elegantly designed rooms and suites provide a serene retreat for your attendees after a day of fruitful engagements. They can also relax and unwind at the pool, access the beach directly from the hotel’s ocean-facing terrace, try some delicious Swahili food, or enjoy a revitalizing treatment at the Maisha Spa.

And, of course, a walking tour of Stone Town is only a few minutes away. 

Park Hyatt Zanzibar
  • Location: Shangani St, Stone town 


Living up to its world-renowned brand, the Park Hyatt Zanzibar defines exquisite luxury. The 5-star hotel is housed in two majestic heritage buildings right on the beachfront, with spectacular views of Zanzibar’s gorgeous sunsets, and the waves gently lapping against the sand just a few meters away. 

The Park Hyatt has numerous spaces for hosting personal and professional events and conferences – each one offering a unique, luxurious setting. The main indoor conference room can host up to 100pax in various setups and configurations. You can also sub-divide it to create two separate rooms for smaller groups. 

You can also make use of the hotel’s outdoor event space, which has capacity for up to 200pax in a cocktail party setting. 

Just down the road from the main hotel, The Beach House is a popular upscale restaurant run by the Hyatt that can host up to 150pax for private functions. Or, for smaller events, you can choose to book a large table or segment of the restaurant.

Finally, Park Hyatt has two smaller breakout rooms that can accommodate up to 25pax each. 

Tailored catering options are available to all events, with menus created by the hotel’s world class international and local chefs. The dedicated events team can support you with audiovisual equipment, furniture, and much more. 

Beyond the exceptional event facilities, this event venue in Zanzibar, Tanzania offers 67 luxurious rooms and suites, each offering breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean or the lush hotel gardens. Your attendees can enjoy the hotel’s world-class amenities, including the Anantara Spa, infinity pool, and a variety of exquisite dining options. 

The Seyyida Hotel & Spa
  • Location: Kiponda Street, Stone Town


The Seyyida is located in one of Stone Town’s most picturesque quarters, just a couple of blocks from the seafront and popular Forodhani Evening Market. It’s a beautiful, charismatic little boutique hotel with some unique events spaces for small groups. 

The hotel has three unique spaces that can each host up to 20pax. You can choose between the rooftop restaurant and seafront terrace – each offering views of the Indian Ocean to the west – or throw a seriously informal, easygoing poolside party. 

But don’t be fooled by the relaxed vibe and style. The Seyyida is run by exceptional management who can provide excellent conferencing facilities when needed. Rooms are available, too. And might we just say, they’re the epitome of boutique luxury. 


Golden Tulip Stone Town Hotel Boutique
  • Location: Malindi Road, Stone Town


The Golden Tulip Stone Town Hotel Boutique boasts two modern conference rooms, designed for small and medium-sized events. The first, Busara 1, can accommodate up to 300 pax in a cinema-style setup, and slightly smaller groupings for everything from workshops to cocktail parties. The second room, Busara 2, can accommodate up to 70pax.

Each space is elegantly furnished and decorated, with plenty of natural light and excellent facilities – including everything you need for a productive event or conference in Zanzibar. The Golden Tulip also offers onsite technical staff ready to help you at every stage. 

Aside from the conference rooms, The Golden Tulip Stone Town Boutique is a charming venue that blends modern comforts with Stone Town’s unique charms. Your participants and delegates can make the most of nearby restaurants, street food vendors, seafront bars and cafes, and much more. 

The hotel’s 33 rooms are comfortable, well furnished, and ideal for getting a peaceful post-conference sleep.  


Maru Maru Hotel
  • Location: Gizenga Street, Stone Town


The Maru Maru is one of the most charming hotels in the heart of Stone Town. Its elegant exterior oozes old-world charm that will immediately win over every participant and delegate joining your event or conference in Zanzibar. 

The beautifully restored hotel includes a well-equipped conference room that can host up to 84pax in various setup styles. The hotel provides everything you need for a successful seminar, workshop, meeting, or small conference, including audiovisual equipment and catering in a wide range of cuisines. 

Entering the Maru Maru from the street, you’ll probably be surprised at how big and comfortable the event space is. While the elegant design and ample light create an inspiring atmosphere – perfect for fostering collaboration and creativity.

The Maru Maru’s 150 rooms offer a beautiful mix of under-stated color and elegance, with modern touches perfectly in sync with the historic setting. The rooftop terrace, pool area, and outdoor dining give your attendees plenty of space to unwind and connect. 


Event and Conference Venues Close to Stone Town

If you want to be close to the historic city but you’re worried about traffic, navigating crowds, and finding convenient accommodation, don’t worry – there are plenty of excellent event and conference venues within 15 minutes of Stone Town. 

We’ve found the four best, depending on your needs and the size of your event. 

Zanzibar Beach Resort: Wellworth Collection
  • Location: Mazizini, Kilimani (10 min south of Stone Town)


Zanzibar Beach Resort has the largest conference center close to Stone Town – its main room can host up to 1,000pax in various configurations. However, it also has much smaller rooms that can comfortably accommodate 15-20pax. Whichever space you choose for your conference or event, you’ll find everything you need to make it a success: audio visual equipment, reliable Wi-Fi, on-site technical staff, and much more. 

The resort itself is, well, beautiful. Just 10 minutes’ drive from the vibrant hustle and bustle of Stone Town, Zanzibar Beach Resort feels like another world. As the name suggests, it’s just a few meters from the beach. The charming accommodation and facilities are spread out over lush green gardens that provide peace, tranquility, and plenty of inspiration. You can walk the grounds, take a dip in the pool or ocean, and just soak up the atmosphere. 

Zanzibar Beach Resort has 84 rooms and suites, with a few very nice options close by too. 


Madinat Al Bahr Business & Spa Hotel
  • Location: Mbweni (15 min south of Stone Town)


As the name suggests, Madinat Al Bahr seamlessly blends modern business functions with luxurious leisure facilities. 

Tucked away on a quiet beach just south for Stone Town, the opulent Gulf-inspired resort boasts four individual conference rooms. Each one is named after a different season (Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring) and has a unique feel. Most impressively, each space can host up to 500pax in various configurations – including banquets, weddings, workshops, seminars, and much more.  

For conferences and professional events, you’ll have access to the latest audio visual equipment, a huge team of support staff, and a custom menu tailored to your attendees. 

Madinat Al Bahr hosts 119 rooms spread across an expansive resort that includes huge gardens, a pool area, private beach access, a salon, a fitness centre – plenty for everyone to relax and rejuvenate in between sessions. 


Hotel Verde Zanzibar: Azam Luxury Resort and Spa
  • Location: Saateni (10 mins north of Stone Town)


Hotel Verde Zanzibar mixes modern and rustic, playful and professional in a unique blend that helps it stand out in the crowded Zanzibar conference and event venue space. With 150 rooms, it could feel like a big, soulless corporate hotel. But little touches throughout the resort give it a unique charm.  

The Verde also boasts some serious conferencing credentials. It has three individual conference rooms – the Cardamon, Maripa, and Annatto – that can be subdivided and combined for small events with just you and a few friends to cocktail parties and conferences of up 400pax. Whichever configuration you go for, you’ll have access to all the equipment and support you need. 

And don’t worry, the dividers are completely soundproof, so if you’re sharing the space, your event won’t be ruined by rowdy neighbors next door. 

Outside the conference rooms, your participants and delegates can make the most of Hotel Verde Zanzibar’s world class leisure facilities, which include two outdoor pools, a gym, yoga studio, spa, and two on-site restaurants: Roystonea Restaurant and Vanilla Lounge. 


Golden Tulip Zanzibar Resort
  • Location: Beit al Ras Kibweni (15 minutes north of Stone Town)


One of the smaller hotels on this list, Golden Tulip Zanzibar Resort is an excellent pick for small to medium events. It has one conference room that’s 198m2 with capacity for up to 80pax when configured as a classroom or theater.

The best thing about this Golden Tulip is the location – it’s right on the water, looking out towards the mainland to the west – making it one of the most dramatic places to host an event in Stone Town. The infinity pool sits directly above the water line, while the restaurant, terrace, and rooms enjoy unspoiled views of the sky and ocean. 

Everyone will want to stick around til sunset, as it lights up the sky in rays of yellow, pink, orange, and purple – the perfect end to a successful event. 

And during the day, you can take a short walk up the road to the Kibweni Palace Ruins, former weekend getaway and residence of the Sultan, to enjoy a beautiful view of Zanzibar’s long northwest coastline. 


Event and Conference Venues Elsewhere in Zanzibar

Zanzibar also has some incredible conference and event venues dotted along its coastline. 

We’ve found the top five that offer an unrivaled mix of professional, modern, and flexible conferencing facilities and idyllic, beachfront charm. Not to mention a little luxury – if you want to really impress your participants.

Sea Cliff Resort & Spa
  • Location: Kama Village, Mangapwani, West Coast (40 mins north of Stone town)


Sea Cliff Resort & Spa is a stunning beachfront paradise nestled just north of Stone Town on the west coast – perfect for taking in those spectacular Zanzibar sunsets after a productive day of conferencing.

The resort offers a versatile conference center made up of 3 fully-equipped conference rooms: Searock, White Sands, and Lugoba. Each one can accommodate up to 120pax and set up in various seating arrangements to meet your needs, including as a mini-cinema. Each room is fitted with modern equipment, including a translation system. And there’s a dedicated on-site IT technician available at all times. 

Sea Cliff also offers a huge Boma-style private event space that can accommodate up to 200pax. 

Sea Cliff will immediately charm your participants with its luxurious, expansive gardens that wind all the way down to a private beach, spectacular, panoramic ocean views, and elegant accommodation options. The resort has rooms and suites for up to 1240 guests onsite – so you never have to leave!

You can also organize private beach BBQs, organized excursions, sunset drinks on the private jetty, pop next door to play a round of golf, and much more.


Le Mersenne Zanzibar, Autograph Collection
  • Location: Pingwe, East Coast (1h 30 from Stone Town)


Le Mersenne Zanzibar is possibly the most striking hotel in Zanzibar, thanks to its luxurious “Premium Water Villas” – a line of exclusive rooms built on stilts at the end of a long jetty sticking out into the Indian Ocean. 

And each one has a private pool. I mean… wow!

But for now, let’s talk about its (almost) equally impressive events space. Back on land, as part of the main resort, Le Marsenne’s single conference room oozes rustic charm and high end luxury at the same time. Measuring 133m2, it has enough space for up to 100pax, along with facilities and equipment for both personal and corporate events (weddings, banquets, seminars, presentation, and even role-playing exercises). 

Your delegates and participants can choose to stay at one of the resort’s many spectacular rooms – yes, including the water villas – and make the most of the ultra-swish infinity pool, bar, restaurant, wellness center, gardens, and more. Or book a room close by at one of the many impressive hotels and guesthouses in the area. 


Kisiwa On The Beach
  • Location: Paje, East Coast (1h 20 from Stone Town)


Another charming little boutique venue and a beautiful stretch of beach, Kisiwa On The Beach has 22 villas, a beachfront pool, and a small conference room. 

Kisiwa specializes in small, intimate, unforgettable private and corporate events – think a small wedding or team retreat. Which is reflected in the conference room. Big enough for 30pax (if configured as a boardroom) or 50pax (cinema style), it’s bathed in warm sunlight throughout the day, kept cool by a delightful breeze, just meters from the sea. 

If it’s a corporate event or conference in Zanzibar you have in mind, don’t worry. Kisiwa has everything you need: an LCD projector, dedicated Wi-Fi, Smart TV, flipchart stands, and dedicated event staff. 

Whatever you have planned, no one is ever going to forget an event hosted at Kisiwa.


Meliá Zanzibar
  • Location: Kiwengwa, East coast (1h from Stone Town)


Not only is the Meliá Zanzibar one of the most beautiful hotels on this list, but it also has the most diverse selection of events and conference venues in Zanzibar. 

You can choose from seven spaces in total throughout the resort, ranging from cozy breakout rooms in traditional cottages to a complete outdoor amphitheater and a beachfront gazebo. Capacity in each space ranges from 20 to 370pax depending on the setup and configuration of the room. (if you need help choosing the right one, we’ll be ready to assist). 

Each space boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including the latest audiovisual equipment, plenty of natural daylight, and dedicated Wi-Fi. 

Meliá Zanzibar is a luxurious 5-star, so it also features exquisite accommodation options, ranging from garden rooms to beachfront villas. Guests can indulge in the infinity pool, spa, fitness center, and a variety of on-site restaurants and bars – all of which ensure a truly unforgettable event. 




Are you looking to host an international event in Tanzania? Let us help you! Hallpax has destination experts who are dedicated to making your event planning process enjoyable and stress-free. We are passionate about the cities we work with, and with our in-person presence in Africa, we help our clients navigate their cities of choice with ease.

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