Luxury Lodges Close to Victoria Falls: 12 Best Places to Stay for a Post-Event Retreat

July 12, 2023

by Conor Walsh & Jonathan Lechtman

 If you’re traveling to Victoria Falls for a conference or event – on the Zambia or Zimbabwe side – you’ll want to stick around after to do some sightseeing and relax from a busy few days. 

So, we’ve selected the 12 best boutique lodges within one hour drive from Livingstone and Victoria Falls town. Whether you’re eager to soak up the sun on your private deck, embark on a game drive, or savor a candle-lit dinner under the star-studded African sky – these boutique lodges offer it all a short drive away. 

Read on to find your perfect retreat for a revitalizing post-event break.



The outskirts of Livingstone and surrounding nature are home to some of Zambia’s best boutique lodges.

Each one offers a unique blend of riverfront ambiance, stunning vistas, and glimpses of local wildlife – not to mention the Falls just down the river. 


Maramba River Lodge

Distance from Livingstone: 15 minutes

Maramba River Lodge is a serene retreat nestled in a quiet corner halfway between Livingstone and the entrance to Victoria Falls. 

If you want to unwind after a busy conference, the lodge’s tranquil riverside location provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Surrounded by lush vegetation, you might spot a variety of wildlife from the comfort of your tent or the lodge’s many communal areas, truly enhancing that immersive African experience.

Maramba River Lodge offers a range of accommodations, from budget riverfront tents to luxury chalets. Each option is tastefully furnished, integrating traditional African design elements and furnishings.

Despite its secluded setting, Maramba River Lodge doesn’t compromise on amenities. You can enjoy a beautiful outdoor swimming pool that overlooks the river. The on-site restaurant serves a delicious selection of local and international cuisine, which you can enjoy on the luxuriant riverfront sun deck.

There’s also a secluded kids’ play area.

The lodge’s convenient location allows easy access to Victoria Falls and various activities such as game drives, river cruises, and more. But, the peaceful ambiance makes it equally enticing to sit back, relax, and soak up the natural beauty of your surroundings.


Taita Falcon Lodge

Distance from Livingstone: 30 minutes

Taita Falcon Lodge is a tranquil oasis perched above the Zambezi River, offering breathtaking views of the Batoka Gorge below.

The charm of Taita Falcon Lodge lies in its exclusivity, with only seven en-suite chalets, each built from natural materials and designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding wilderness. Every chalet has a private balcony with panoramic views of the gorge and river below, and the Zimbabwean landscape in the distance.

The terrace dining area offers a unique al fresco experience, so you can dine under the stars while overlooking the river. In the evening, the staff light up the grounds with traditional lanterns, bathing every corner in a warm, cozy glow (including the pool).

Taita Falcon Lodge offers the perfect balance between seclusion and accessibility, making it an ideal choice to enjoy Zambia’s natural splendor while remaining within easy reach of Livingstone. 

It’s also a haven for bird watchers, boasting many beautiful species, including its namesake, the rare Taita Falcon.


The Islands of Siankaba Lodge

Distance from Livingstone: 50 minutes

The Islands of Siankaba Lodge is a tranquil retreat on a tiny island in the middle of the Zambezi River, towards the world-renowned Chobe National Park.

With just seven secluded chalets linked by a footbridge to an exquisite restaurant and bar, pool area, picnic spots, and remote viewing spots – the boutique lodge promises rest and relaxation for post-conference unwind with friends, family, or all by yourself.

The chalets are designed to ensure the utmost comfort and privacy. Each one is luxuriously furnished, equipped with en-suite bathrooms and private balconies overlooking the majestic Zambezi. Imagine waking up to the serene sounds of the river – the perfect antidote to any conference-induced stress.

For dining, the chefs prepare a range of local and international dishes using the freshest local ingredients. The dining areas are set against the stunning backdrop of the Zambezi, turning each meal into a scenic delight.

The lodge offers everything from the most popular Victoria Falls activities to local cultural village visits, nature walks, and traditional canoe trips in the surrounding forest. Or, if you’d rather, relax at the lodge’s spa, pool, or your private bathtub.


Mukwa River Lodge

Distance from Livingstone: 25 minutes

Situated on a beautiful bend in the Zambezi River, Mukwa River Lodge is an exclusive boutique lodge with just five chalets. 

Each chalet is beautifully crafted with a unique design and natural materials that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. They’re fully equipped with en-suite bathrooms and private decks, perfect for enjoying the riverside view. In the early morning or sunset, you might be lucky enough to spot elephants, hippos, or river birds from your deck.

Mukwa River Lodge’s restaurant, perched on stilts on the banks of the river, is a delight for food lovers. They serve a variety of local and international dishes, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In between, you can relax in the expansive main lounge, library, pool area, or back at your chalet. 

Mukwa Lodge also offers river cruises, guided walks in the surrounding area, and all the best Victoria Falls activities. 


The Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara

Distance from Livingstone: 10 minutes

The Royal Livingstone is the epitome of luxury, offering an exquisite blend of old-world elegance, modern comforts, and awe-inspiring beauty just meters from the falls.

With 173 spacious rooms and suites, it’s the biggest hotel on this list, but it never feels crowded. You’ll have plenty of space to relax post-event. Each suite has a private veranda with views of the river just a few meters away.

Or you can choose to stroll through the hotel’s verdant gardens, riverfront paths, stunning outdoor pool, secluded spa huts, and charming lounges. In the evening, recline in front of a grand fireplace or head to the sundeck, to watch the sunset over the river while sipping a signature cocktail – a moment not to be missed. 

Also, look out for the local zebras, impalas, and occasional giraffe grazing on the hotel grounds. 

The Royal Livingstone shares its expansive grounds with the Avani Victoria Falls Resort. It’s the perfect choice if you’re attending a conference or event at Avani’s Conference Center, accessible via complimentary golf carts.


Waterberry Zambezi Lodge

Distance from Livingstone: 30 minutes

Waterberry Zambezi Lodge has seven distinct suites and rooms nestled inside a charming farm on the banks of the Zambezi. Each one effortlessly blends with its lush surroundings, affording you mesmerizing views of the river and nearby nature. Meanwhile, the furnishings are mostly made from locally sourced materials and traditional Zambian art – creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that complements the stunning natural setting.

The main lodge area houses a cozy dining room, bar, and lounge, all with enchanting river views. Whether you dine alfresco or indoors, you’ll be treated to freshly prepared meals made with locally sourced ingredients.

A stay at Waterberry Zambezi Lodge isn’t just about luxury; it’s about becoming part of a larger effort to conserve and give back to the land and its people. This philosophy is evident in the lodge’s eco-friendly practices and the various community projects it supports, which you can learn about during your stay.



Zimbabwe boasts many luxury lodges offering exceptional comfort and tranquility, creating the perfect post-event sanctuaries. Amid the peaceful surroundings, you’ll enjoy privacy, comfort, and the unique charm of Zimbabwean hospitality, making your stay in Victoria Falls truly unforgettable.


Batoka Gorges Lodge

Distance from Victoria Falls: 30 minutes

Perched on the edge of the Batoka Gorge, 200 meters above the mighty Zambezi River, Batoka Gorges Lodge offers breathtaking views in the heart of Zimbabwe’s wild beauty.

The lodge houses 10 stone and thatch cottages, each beautifully furnished and equipped with a private veranda to relish the spectacular views of the gorge below. The cottages seamlessly blend with their surrounding environment while providing modern comforts and amenities.

The main lodge area, a spacious stone building with a teak deck, offers an enticing dining and lounge area. It features panoramic views of the Zambezi River and serves a delectable menu of local Zambian flavors. It’s an ideal spot to unwind, savor a meal, or soak in the awe-inspiring vistas.

On the property’s expansive grounds, you can relax in the plunge pool or walk down to the lookout point to enjoy a closer view of the gorges. For those desiring more excitement after your conference, Batoka Gorges Lodge arranges for white-water rafting, bungee jumping, and helicopter flights over Victoria Falls.


Matetsi Victoria Falls

Distance from Victoria Falls: 40 minutes 

Situated within a private game reserve on the Zambezi River, Matetsi Victoria Falls brings together the allure of the wild with world-class luxury, particularly popular amongst friends and families. 

Featuring 18 river-facing suites and a private villa, Matetsi’s accommodation is a fusion of contemporary design and authentic African aesthetics. Each suite offers generous living spaces, indoor and outdoor showers, a private plunge pool, and a deck overlooking the river. 

The villa, dubbed the “Matetsi River House,” includes four bedrooms and a private chef, guide, and vehicle. It’s ideal for families or groups seeking a secluded post-conference getaway.

You can also enjoy the extensive wine cellar, boasting an exceptional collection of African wines, and book wine tastings and pairings with the in-house sommelier for the ultimate experience. Or unwind in the exclusive spa.


Zambezi Sands River Camp

Distance from Victoria Falls: 25 minutes

Zambezi Sands features eight luxury tents within the Zambezi National Park, each perched on raised decks and exquisitely designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment. The tents offer unparalleled river views, private splash pools, minibars, and en-suite facilities with indoor and outdoor bathrooms, providing the perfect balance of comfort and adventure.

Dining at Zambezi Sands is an immersive experience, as meals are often served on the riverbank, under the vast African sky. The lodge offers personalized meal options, complementing its exquisite cuisine with a selection of wines.

Everything in the retreat’s facilities is designed to enhance your connection with nature. From the charming main lodge and bar overlooking the river to the secluded outdoor pool, every corner of Zambezi Sands invites you to breathe in the calm wilderness.

Zambezi Sands promises a unique combination of seclusion, luxury, and wilderness, with a serene ambiance and distinctive charm that guarantees a perfect post-event stay.


Stanley and Livingstone Boutique Hotel

Distance from Victoria Falls: 15 minutes

The Stanley and Livingstone Boutique Hotel is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of luxury and wilderness. The world-famous hotel elegantly combines the grandeur of Victorian design with the natural beauty of the African landscape.

With just 16 luxurious suites, this boutique hotel guarantees an intimate stay. Each suite boasts an opulent bedroom, an en-suite bathroom equipped with a Victorian tub, a private lounge, and a private terrace overlooking the nearby waterhole. The hotel’s tasteful design is harmoniously woven with modern elements, creating a refined ambiance to relax post-event.

The hotel’s terrace dining room serves a blend of European and African cuisine. The outdoor seating area offers a unique opportunity to dine while observing the wildlife that congregates at the nearby waterhole. 

If you’re seeking a respite from a busy conference schedule, the hotel’s tranquil garden and pool offer a peaceful haven. Meanwhile, daily game drives offer an exciting opportunity to explore the rich wildlife in the area, including the Big Five.


Ursula’s Camp

Distance from Victoria Falls: 10 minutes

Old Ursula Camp is nestled in a private concession of the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, a short drive from the town’s top event and conference spots and close to some incredible nature. 

The camp’s African-style chalets are comfortably furnished, with a private patio – an ideal setting to enjoy the idyllic surroundings. The décor effortlessly blends traditional African motifs with modern comfort, ensuring an authentic and cozy stay.

The main lodge area offers communal dining and lounge spaces to mingle with fellow guests or enjoy the African night sky in a secluded corner. The small plunge pool provides a refreshing oasis amid the wild surroundings. In the evenings, the fire pit is a delightful gathering spot. 

Venturing beyond the Camp, you’ll be treated to the stunning wilderness of the private game reserve and encounters with diverse wildlife, including the Big Five. For a more tranquil experience, you can join some bird watching or simply observe the animals visiting the camp’s waterhole.


Victoria Falls River Lodge – Island Treehouse Suites

Distance from Victoria Falls: 25 minutes

The Island Treehouse Suites at Victoria Falls River Lodge offers an intimate, elevated lodge experience with just 5 tree houses perched high amongst a canopy of riverine trees on the private Kandahar Island. 

Each of the five exclusive suites stands elegantly on wooden stilts. Large glass windows and doors offer spectacular views of the river and the surrounding wilderness. The suites are fitted with private plunge pools, outdoor showers, and expansive balconies that ensure an intimate connection with nature, while plush bedding and air conditioning ensure all the modern comforts you need.

The dining experience at the Island Treehouse Suites is on another level, with bespoke meals prepared by an on-site private chef, using fresh local ingredients. You can dine on your suite’s private deck overlooking the river, or join the other guests in the communal lounge and restaurant.

At the Island Treehouse Suites, you can experience the beauty of the Zambezi River from a new perspective, in a setting that perfectly blends exclusivity, comfort, and tranquility.


Old Drift Lodge

Distance from Victoria Falls: 15 minutes

Tucked away on the banks of the Zambezi River, just a few kilometers upstream from the iconic Victoria Falls, Old Drift Lodge offers a luxurious and serene getaway perfect for unwinding after a busy conference. The Lodge is nestled within the Zambezi National Park, ensuring an immersive and unparalleled wildlife experience.

Old Drift Lodge has 14 spacious, tastefully decorated suites designed to bring the outside in. Each one features expansive glass doors that open onto a private viewing deck where you can gaze upon the river and its wealth of wildlife. 

Old Drift Lodge’s communal facilities are no less impressive. The central area comprises a well-stocked bar, a spacious dining area, and a comfortable lounge, all overlooking the river. The centerpiece is the refreshing infinity pool, offering a relaxed retreat with stunning views.

As you explore, you might encounter elephants, buffalo, and even the elusive leopard (don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe.) Or you can book an excursion in the national park, surrounding areas, and waterways. 



The essence of a perfect post-event retreat lies in its ability to refresh your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. Each of the lodges we’ve explored offers you a unique opportunity to do just that in a spectacular setting a short drive from your event. 

Seamlessly transition from the energetic hum of your event to the serene stillness of nature while enjoying the best of luxury and comfort.


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