Djibouti, DJ

A Small yet Mighty Country!

Bienvenue! Welcome to Djibouti, a small country known for its big pay-off. Though Djibouti is one of the smallest countries located in east Africa, it is filled with rich wildlife, landscapes, culture, tradition, and activities for all!

Djibouti city, the capital of Djibouti, holds most of the country’s population (76%) and is a highly developed part of the country. This colorful city is the place to go when looking for hotels, great restaurants, nightlife, and historic sites for your attendees. If you follow the noise of the traffic you will find yourself at one of the city’s most historic sites, the Hamoudi Mosque, located in the inner part of the city. It’s unique triangular structure and historic background makes it one of the most iconic structures ever built. While you’re there, make sure you visit the local market in the square of the city. Filled with delicious local food and culture, the square is where you will find most people on a typical Djibouti city day. 

For those looking for a great mix of history and beauty, Lake Assal is the perfect place to visit. This saline crater lake lies 155 m below sea level making it the lowest point on land in Djibouti and the 3rd lowest point in the world! It also has the highest salinity in the world and is the largest salt reservoir. Along with its history, Lake Assal has beautiful seaside views for all the nature lovers in your group. And if you are mesmerized by this saline lake,  make your way to Lake Abbe for another unique experience! Filled with unmatchable views, volcanoes, and iconic chimneys, Lake Abbe is a site you don’t want to miss. 

Not in the mood for sightseeing? No worries! Djibouti has several beaches and islands across the country where you can kick back and relax. The calm turquoise waters of Mocha Island is a must see for anyone looking for some alone time with nature. Make sure you take the boat tour which allows you to see the whole island, including their beach resort which has sunbeds and umbrellas for the ultimate relaxation experience. If you are looking for a more “upbeat” beach, you won’t want to miss a trip to Arta Beach just an hour outside the country’s capital. With their beautiful coral reefs,snorkeling here is an experience marine lovers will never forget. Arta Beach is also known for  whale shark viewings. If you come during November through late January, you can even schedule a swim with the whale sharks — an incredible sight to see!

Although this country may be small, your attendees will leave in awe after exploring the beauty that is Djibouti. 

Meet our Destination Director

Feven Bekele, Hallpax

Feven Joined Hallpax in 2019 with a B.A. in Management and more than ten years of industry experience working with Emirates Airlines and the United Nations Conference Center. She brings expert knowledge of the local market and an international standard for customer service and events.

Her fluency in Amharic, English, and French allows her to build better relationships with clients from around the world. From United Nations’ heads of state meetings to intimate dinner parties to large galas, she has managed all types of events in the region.

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Feven is appreciated for her free spirit and ability to make connections with people from all walks of life. She loves her work because it connects her with local vendors and event participants from all over the world. Her favorite quote “The reward for good work is more work” by Haemin Sunim describes Feven’s joyful spirit every single day at work.    


  • Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport

Main Airlines Flying into ADD

  • Qatar Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
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