Cape Town, ZA

The Mother City

Sawubona! Welcome to Cape Town, also known as the Mother City. Cape Town is home to a number of embassies, businesses and nonprofits. Half a million people visit the city annually for either leisure or business, and it’s considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa. Cape Town itself is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain, a natural wonder of the world. For naturalists looking to explore the beauty of Cape Town, we recommend taking a cableway zipcar up the mountain where you’ll experience breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views of the Western Cape and hike gorgeous mountain trails. 

Cape Town is rich with unique experiences for both you and your attendees to enjoy. Cape Town will be especially memorable for your attendees who love fine wines. Thanks to the perfect climate for viticulture, this region produces some of the best wines in the world. South Africa is known for its pinotage, a red wine grape, and also produces wonderful rich and earthy wines of all types. There are many famous wineries to explore, one we would recommend would be a tour of the Franschhoek Wine Tram with 300 years history. Once completed, you can enjoy lunch, dinner, or just a cocktail on the stunning grounds. 

All wines need a pairing and one won’t be hard to find in Cape Town, one of the leading culinary destinations in Africa. It’s culinary roots come from the people who came to Cape Town from Malaysia in the 1600s, bringing with them flavorful foods like curry. If you’re looking for a unique experience, take a cooking class with renowned chefs, or simply enjoy a sit down restaurant experience with food you’ll be dreaming of for many nights to come.

Boulders Penguin Colony is worth every minute of the drive to see the endangered land-based colony of African penguins, an experience unlike anywhere else in the world. Chavonnes Battery Museum, Bo-Kaap Museum, Iziko Maritime Center, Goodman Gallery are just a few museums your attendees can visit for just a few hours or multiple days — there is so much to see it’s easy to pick and choose to your liking.

Looking to host your next conference or event in Cape Town?

Chat with our local expert, Joanne Wadsworth!

Joanne Wadsworth, Hallpax

Joanne Wadsworth has 37 years of experience working within the hotel and hospitality industry; starting off as an in-house trainee with Holiday Inn for a year before being granted a full scholarship to study Hotel Management at the University of the Witwatersrand. She was one of the first women to qualify as a Hotel Manager in South Africa in 1988, and from there explored the country in numerous positions from Housekeeping to General Manager.

In all the years within the industry Joanne’s commitment has not wavered, her constant research and interaction with owners and managers has ensured that her knowledge of what is happening in South Africa is always up to date. Her love and passion for all the people of South Africa and what they have to offer has ensured mutual respect with everyone she meets or interacts with as a service provider or as a client.

Her philosophy in life is “with perseverance you will achieve greatness” and that anyone who travels to South Africa should leave with memories of a life-changing experience resulting in them all individually becoming ambassadors of our beautiful country.


  • Cape Town International Airport

Main Airlines Flying into Cape Town, ZA

  • KLM
  • Emirates 
  • British Airways
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Qatar
  • Kenya Airways
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