7 Reasons to Mauritius Should Be Your Next Event Travel Destination

December 17, 2023

by Conor Walsh & Mahider Tadesse

If you’re in the market for an event destination that will leave your participants breathless with excitement – look no further than Mauritius.

Mauritius is carving out a reputation as a premier conference and event destination in Africa, where crystal-clear waters and spectacular beaches meet business-class amenities and world-renowned hospitality. Imagine networking on a sunset catamaran cruise, forging connections over Creole cuisine, or unwinding in luxury seaside resorts after a day of meetings.

In this brief rundown, we’ll walk you through the essentials for planning conferences and incentive travel to Mauritius.

And if you’re planning a corporate travel retreat to Mauritius, reach out! Our local team has spent years organizing incentive travel and conferences on the island. We can guide you through every step with ease. 


1. Primed for MICE Travel

As you’ll see throughout this quick guide, Mauritius is more than a stunning holiday destination. It’s one of the most business travel-friendly places on Earth. 

The government and business community understand the potential for MICE travel and have invested heavily in the sector. As a result, the country is primed for incentive travel, corporate events, business trips, and much more. 

I’ll get into the specifics around accommodation, visas, and local culture further down. But for now, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect if you plan incentive travel to Mauritius: 

  • World-class event spaces. The island offers a variety of corporate venues, from high-tech conference centers in bustling Port Louis to picturesque retreats along its tranquil shores. 
  • Government support. This can include financial benefits, assistance with event planning, and a supportive legal framework that streamlines the process of organizing large-scale events. 
  • Excellent hospitality standards. The Mauritian service industry is renowned for its high standards, combining professionalism with the genuine warmth that the island is known for. 
  • Connectivity. The island boasts world-class telecommunications, including widespread internet access, ensuring travelers remain connected. 
  • Professional support. If you’re planning a team retreat, corporate get-together, or company off-site, Mauritius has plenty of experienced facilitators ready to ensure its success. 

This is just the beginning. So.. keep reading!


2. Incredible Accommodations

Mauritius’s hotels and resorts don’t just offer a place to stay; they’re destinations within a destination.

Each one offers something unique and ensures that anyone traveling here for business will never want to leave. Highlights include: 

  • Luxury Resorts: Properties like the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita and the St. Regis Mauritius Resort offer exquisite beachfront views, spas, and world-class golf courses.
  • Boutique Hotels: If intimate and personalized is more your style, the island’s boutique hotels provide a charming and bespoke atmosphere. The Oberoi, Mauritius, a blend of natural beauty and refined luxury, makes for an enchanting stay.
  • Eco-Friendly Stays: For groups with a green ethos, properties like the Lakaz Chamarel Exclusive Lodge, nestled in the heart of nature, offer a sustainable stay without compromising on luxury.
  • Cultural Experiences: To immerse your attendees in the local culture, resorts like LUX Grand Gaube allow guests to experience the spirit of Mauritius with Creole language lessons, rum tastings, and sega dance performances.
  • Waterfront Villas: For a more secluded experience, private villas like those at the One&Only Le Saint Géran provide exclusivity with private stretches of beach, personal butler services, and tailored experiences like sunset cruises.
  • Private Islands: Mauritius’s private island retreats cater to those seeking the ultimate privacy and bespoke service. Sun Resorts on Île aux Cerfs is the pinnacle. 

But don’t worry, it’s not all high-end luxury. Mauritius has plenty of fantastic mid-range and budget accommodations, so no one feels left out by the more expensive options. 


3. Stunning Views and Exotic Environment

I don’t need to tell you that Mauritius is a breathtakingly beautiful island full of jaw-dropping scenery, pristine white sand beaches, and crystal clear lagoons full of life. 

You’ve seen the pictures. You know this already. 

But if you’re worried traveling here for business means you’ll miss out on the best of the island – don’t worry. Mauritius’s best event venues and business locations embrace the setting and integrate the island’s wonders into their locations. 

And Mauritius is kinda small – so you only need a couple of days post-business to soak it all up. 

Finally – it’s not just beaches. Hikers, history buffs, and foodies will all find plenty to excite you across the island. 

Here’s a quick sample of our favorite places to visit and bring friends: 

  1. Black River Gorges National Park: A vast expanse of lush forest perfect for hiking and witnessing the native wildlife.
  2. Trou-aux-Biches: A beautiful beach known for its crystal-clear waters and excellent conditions for swimming and snorkeling.
  3. Chamarel Waterfall and Seven Colored Earth: A natural phenomenon featuring a stunning waterfall and dunes comprising seven different colors.
  4. Blue Bay Marine Park: A marine reserve with abundant sea life, offering snorkeling and glass-bottom boat tours.
  5. Mahebourg Bay: A historic bay area ideal for sailing and exploring Mauritius’s rich naval history.
  6. Cap Malheureux: A picturesque village famous for its red-roofed church and panoramic ocean views.
  7. Le Morne Brabant: A UNESCO World Heritage site, offering challenging hikes and breathtaking views from the summit.
  8. Grand Baie: A bustling coastal village with lively markets, bars, and beaches.
  9. Flic-en-Flac: Another popular beach destination, offering long sandy stretches and various water sports.
  10. Le Château de Labourdonnais: A 19th-century estate with a museum, garden, and distillery showcasing the island’s history.


4. Security

Mauritius is one of the world’s safest and most politically stable countries. 

You might say, the gentle lapping of waves against the shore echoes the calm and orderly nature of the island’s way of life – but we’re not that cheesy.

Mauritius’s low crime rate is no accident. It’s the result of a concerted effort by local authorities to create and maintain an environment where visitors can roam freely, explore the vibrant street markets, or enjoy a tranquil sunset without worry.

You’ll notice plenty of security measures in the cities and most popular resort towns (without being overbearing). This visible commitment to public safety is a cornerstone of the island’s appeal as a secure destination for tourists and business travelers. The local police force is known for its approachability and effectiveness, ensuring that issues are handled swiftly and professionally. 

In smaller towns, you can wander freely without concern, even without a strong police presence. 

Mauritius is also considered a beacon of political stability in Africa, contributing to its popularity as a travel and business destination. The government recognizes this is part of the island’s brands and proactively addresses public concerns before they escalate to civil unrest.

You shouldn’t expect any upheavals while visiting. 


5. Easy Visa Process

Citizens of most countries can travel to Mauritius for tourism and business visa-free for short periods (maximum up to 6 months). 

There is no need to apply in advance, and access will be granted upon arrival at the island’s ports of entry. 

However, citizens of some countries will need a visa. And various business and tourism visas are available for repeat or extended visits. 

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Visa Exemptions: This includes spouses and children of Mauritian citizens or residents, diplomatic passport holders from most countries, crew members on duty, and citizens of countries in the European Union, among others​​.
  • Tourist Visas: Mauritius offers a tourist visa granted for up to six months in a calendar year, subject to immigration requirements​​.
  • Business Visas: Business visitors can obtain a visa that allows for stays of up to 120 days in a calendar year, with the condition that a single visit does not exceed 90 days and the visitor does not seek remuneration within Mauritius​​.
  • Social Visas: Visas are also available for those sponsored by socio-cultural organizations to engage in social and religious activities for up to 45 days​​.
  • Multiple Entry Visas: For foreign business people with interests in Mauritius who need a visa before travel, there’s the option of a multiple-entry visa, which is subject to the same duration limitations as the business visa​​.
  • Transit Visas: Those passing through Mauritius en route to another country are eligible for transit visas, provided they will be in transit for less than 24 hours​​.

If you’re planning an international event or some incentive to travel to Mauritius and trying to figure out visas for every participant – contact us! Our Mauritius events team can guide you through the entire process. 


6. Diversity

Mauritius’s local population reflects the country’s unique blend of African, Indian, European, and Chinese influences. This rich tapestry infuses every aspect of life here, including the business community. Everyone is welcome, and everyone will find something familiar. 

The country’s diversity helps with practical aspects of business travel. 

English is the official language of government and business. But French is widely spoken, along with many Asian languages. Not to mention Mauritian Creole, which you can quickly learn while visiting. Finally, as a global business hub, Mauritius is home to people from all over the world, bringing their local languages with them.

So, wherever you’re coming from, a language barrier will not be an issue. 


7. (Almost) Year-Round Destination

Mauritius enjoys a delightfully mild tropical maritime climate, with pleasant weather throughout most of the year. 

Summers last from November to April. They’re warm and ideal for beach holidays and water sports. The coldest winter months, typically June to September, still promise sunny days and warm temperatures – averaging around 18-24ºC during the day.

Although Mauritius is considered an all-season destination, January and February occasionally see cyclones. Factor this into your incentive travel plans.



In choosing Mauritius for your next incentive travel plans, you’re opting for an unparalleled blend of business and leisure. 

So, let Hallpax unlock all the potential that Mauritius has to offer. Contact us today to craft an event that’s as memorable as it is productive, and turn your corporate gathering into a tropical success story.

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