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Feel confident and empowered to host your next event virtually with Hallpax as your partner.  Our experience with hosting international virtual events gives us the upper hand on knowing the ins and outs of how to make these events successful. We can be your one-stop solution for all event needs. No matter the size, industry, or purpose of your event, we have a virtual platform and solution to fit. We can provide virtual tool support, virtual goodie bags for your attendees, event production, gamifications services, virtual translators, and more!

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Virtual Event Services

Virtual Technologies

Virtual event-hosting platform subscriptions can be expensive — that’s why we’ve acquired premier licenses to many different hosting platforms for our clients to use. Whether you need one meeting room or a dozen, we’ve got a platform that can be tailored to your event.

Attendee Engagement

Virtual events don’t mean attendees are forgotten— send them a virtual goodie bag to make them feel special! We provide ebooks, gift cards, and other virtual goodies that your attendees will love. Our presence in Africa allows us to ship out unique, made in Africa gifts to anyone in any part of the world. They can be personalized to each attendee and the specific event, making the virtual experience a little more personal.

Virtual Event Production

Any part of your event production that needs an expert, we’ve got you covered. From dealing with technological issues to event marketing, we’ll make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Our local knowledge and influence help you create an African event experience your attendees will never forget, even through a screen!

Virtual Event Management

We’ll be there to support you through the whole scope of your event—from months before to the day of, and afterwards to provide reporting and any other information you may request. We provide event gamification with session involvement tracking to help you learn more about how your attendees perceive your event and help you prepare better events in the future. Whatever your needs are on the day of, we’ll coordinate for you and provide support wherever it is needed.

Technologies We Work With

Anyone can sign up for these technologies, but with Hallpax you can get a discount! Our extensive knowledge and experience will help you not only run your event smoothly but also help make it personalized to your organization’s needs. 

Hybrid Events

Evolving technology has allowed people to host events with attendees from all over the world for half the cost. As the year continues we predict seeing a lot more hybrid elements coming into the industry as well. Hallpax can help you navigate and learn the ways of hybrid events through all our virtual and in-person event services. With both in-person and virtual elements we are able to take advantage of our skill to help make sure your event runs smoothly and efficiently.

Virtual Translators and Interpreters

We bring in qualified and professional virtual interpreters with 15+ African and International languages under their belt. No matter where your guests are from or what language they speak, we give them the full experience of your event. We also offer fast and reliable virtual translation in 75+ African and International languages.

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